Britt Blackwell

Britt Blackwell is a Los Angeles native and wellness professional. Her yoga journey began  as a way of guidance and purpose on her path.Since then she has been leading workshops, group classes, producing wellness events and personal yoga sessions all across the country. Britt’s passion for wellness and spirituality blossoms in everything she does. Her focus is on breathwork, body awareness and maintaining the full spectrum of what it means to be well. She is witty, open hearted and committed to her purpose of bringing the benefits of yoga and wellness to every willing being. She holds 200 Hour YTT certificate.


Instagram: @blackyogini


Class Description 'Mood Yoga'

Mood Yoga is yoga with a focus on emotional release and personal development. Science and spirituality both confirm that the emotions we feel are stored within the body. In this 75 minute class we will focus on increasing flexibility, building strength, release muscle tension due to stored emotional pain and mental acuity. These are each needed to be adaptable to changes in life, standing our ground and following through with our pursuits. This will be done through both breathwork and yoga asana.