Naho Kume

Naho is a certified yoga teacher and have been practicing yoga for 6 years. 

She was born and raised in Kobe, Japan. She has trained Karate for 6 years and held a black belt when she was student. After graduating school, she moved and worked in different cites in Japan for a couple of years. She then moved to Vancouver, Canada for one year to study English. During the stay, she also practiced karate at a local Karate Dojo.

When she came back to Japan, she wanted to find a purpose in life, and to have passion for. She decided to go to study in the US and found an ad for a yoga teacher training while researching schools in Los Angeles. So she started working on starting new life in LA and to become a yoga teacher.

 Her karate training has taught her not only how to fight but to have more self control physically and mentally. 

She found yoga to have a lot of similar elements to karate. Specifically, on how to start and end the practice for the day with meditation and using breath control technique to keep the body stable and still. Always to be humble, have gratitude, and to show respect to the people around. 

Those practices always made her overcome adversities in her life, no matter how tough or challenging. The foundations also allowed her to be able to remain strong while being away from family and friends in Japan.

She’d love to share her beliefs in yoga and help people to build self confidence. In addition, to be able to motivate them to reach their goal through yoga and challenging poses or even enjoy the obstacles together!

We feel pain and sorrow in our lives at times, but we can turn them into something meaningful. Life is short. We deserve to feel more happiness and live a positive life. Namaste.

Class description: Vinyasa Yoga Flow.

This 75 minutes Vinyasa Yoga class will lead you focus on your breath as you flow and holding postures, that connects every action of our life with the intention of moving towards that sacred, most important to us.

Vinyasa yoga is defined as - Steadiness / Comfort / Smooth and Long Breathing- 

We will work on strength and endurance in your body and linking movement and your breath that includes core training towards  

relaxation poses at the end of the class.